PHP Background Jobs (Tasks) Manager using Beanstalkd, Redis or MySQL as backend. Event interface is provided for your logging or statsd-ing needs.

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Simple queue manager and task processor for PHP


 * Bootstrap / DIC
$redisParams    = array(
    'host'  => '',
    'port'  => 6379
$queuePersistor = new Qutee\Persistor\Redis($redisParams);

$queue          = new Queue();

 * App

// Create Task
$task = new Task;

// Queue it

// Or do this in one go
Task::create('Acme/DeleteFolder', array('/usr'), Task::PRIORITY_HIGH);
// Worker - process all queues (folder_deleter.php)
$worker = new Worker;

// Or, with more configuration
$worker = new Worker;
    ->setInterval(30)                   // Run every 30 seconds
    ->setPriority(Task::PRIORITY_HIGH)  // Will only do tasks of this priority